This is a self-guided project I am currently working on, an app called Wickspert. Since the quarantine began, I have searched for ways to make being home feel more enjoyable. I was never really a candle person, but lately, I find myself always wanting to light one to make my room feel a little cozier. However, I'm somewhat picky about candles, and I'm particular about using products with "clean" ingredients. Because shopping for candles in stores is basically impossible right now, I dreamt of an app that could categorize candles from across various stores for me to help find ones I'd love. My plan for the app is to be able to sort candles by scent profile, wax type, brand, wick type, and color.​​​​​​​

I began by looking at various fonts and how the name of the app looked with each. I did a very quick version of a usual exploration and chose Lust Regular as the main typeface, I modified the tittle of the "i" to look like a candle flame.
I also created a mood board of various images that inspired the brand image and voice.
Below, I have a few color explorations. My goal was to find colors that felt modern yet warm and cozy, just like candles make a space feel.
After doing all of these explorations, I began designing each screen. I'm excited to continue to work on this project and bring it to life!
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