I designed these wedding invitations around what the couple's inspirations were for their dream wedding. The bride's favorite place is Mackinac Island in Michigan, and I based these invitations on her dream wedding location. On Mackinac Island, there are no cars, so visitors must find other methods of transportation, such as biking or riding in a horse-drawn carriage. Also, the groom's only dream for his wedding was to wear suspenders, so I took into consideration the 20's-esque inspiration that suspenders give as well. I ended up with a blue color scheme to resemble the couple's wedding colors, and I added a small vintage-style bicycle icon into the border imagery to combine Mackinac Island's eco-friendly ideals with the groom's vintage tastes.​​​​​​​
The entire package includes the invitation itself as well as a detail card and RSVP card, wrapped in a powder blue belly band and envelope with a silver wax seal stamp. I crafted each piece including the envelope and the wax seal, which I etched onto a copper plate to carry a similar bicycle motif to the ones used on the invitations themselves.
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