I chose to re-create album artwork as an example of a special edition vinyl package of Ariana Grande's 2018 album Sweetener. The final product has become one of my favorite projects to date.After listening to the album, reading many interviews, watching music videos, and viewing images from her Sweetener Experience pop-up exhibit in New York City, I determined that pink and purple clouds as well as the cloud imagery was appropriate for the album artwork because of her description of the layered vocals on this album feeling they were similar to the airiness of clouds. Also, the original artwork for the CD and vinyl label includes cloud imagery, and the biblical references in the "God Is A Woman" music video tie in well to the heavens and clouds. I chose to paint all of the artwork myself for the sleeve, and I also created a lyric booklet insert to go along with the two-disc package. The vinyl itself remains pink as well to tie into the theme and add to the intrigue of a special edition collector's item. I kept the color palette to pinks, blues, and purples that were similar to the ones her promotional materials and music videos used. I included a quote from one of the songs inside the sleeve as well.
Inside cover spread
Back cover of sleeve and lyric booklet insert
Lyric booklet spread
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