This project aimed proposed a rebrand an existing brand of our choice. I chose Suave and focused mainly on Suave Naturals shampoo and conditioners to update and modernize the brand in order to appeal to a younger audience, particularly college-aged and millennial people who may want quality products at a value price. Below are examples of my updated logo, brand promise, and packaging as well as a point-of-purchase display. This project was purely for educational purposes and is not affiliated with Suave in any way.
As a part of my rebranding, I proposed the addition of a shampoo bar to appeal to those who choose to limit their consumption of plastic goods. I also proposed that the company work with a group like Terracycle to implement recycled beach plastic into their bottles to lower the environmental impact of their packaging.
To supplement the update, I created an Instagram profile with various posts about the products, the people who use them, and the message of conservation and environmental consciousness. This profile is live on Instagram currently @suavenaturalsproject.
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