The Tropical Scent Box from noze
For this project, I created a new self-care subscription company named noze. Noze is a self-care gift experience centered around different types of scents. This product is made for twenty-somethings who want to treat themselves to a self care experience without it costing them their nose.

Many people navigate the world by scent. When buying gifts, people sometimes ask what types of scents a person likes so that it's easier to choose scented items that they will like without them being there to choose for themselves, and that question is what inspired this concept. This company would allow buyers to choose from several types of scents, including sweet, floral, fruity, clean, and tropical. This could be a monthly or one-time subscription. Each box contains a candle, sugar scrub, body butter, bath bomb, and roll-on perfume.
Each product that comes inside one noze box
This particular box is inspired by tropical scents, with unique product names like "tropi-can you not", "avoid pier pressure", "let's get tiki", "resting beach face", and "oasis? more like oh hey, sis!". Each scent is designed to take your night in from the bathtub to the beach.
Box insert featuring the names of each item with a description of their scents
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