Another project that I have had the opportunity to work on has been the CQ for Teams product suite for the Cultural Intelligence Center in collaboration with Lead Designer Tina Kessel.
This product is one path in a set of three products that includes Developing CQ, CQ for Teams, and CQ for Leaders, which is upcoming. I have also worked on the logo and identity for CQ for Leaders to create a set of three products that are related and cohesive with each other.
The logo for this product suite features a set of three people, including the orange person which is a standard feature across many product suites. The three people shown together raising their hands show an image of collaboration and equal success among a group. To differentiate this product from Developing CQ and CQ for Leaders, I have edited the CQ Teal to create a lighter teal color that feels youthful, engaging, and unique to the other products CQ offers.
Another feature that I created to further differentiate this product suite from the others is the addition of a puzzle piece icon to be featured across the various materials in this suite. The puzzle piece symbolizes one of many and is an integral element that works with others to create the whole solution.
The products that make up this suite include slide deck presentations, a participant guide, and a digital badge and certificate that the participant receives upon completion of the program.
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